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HomeThe Paradise For Ever (P4E) Support Group is a non-profit, educational and social-support group funded and run by people committed to time-tested methods of educating and transforming human beings. It is our belief that Islam offers comprehensive understanding of the world that is able to cut through the illusion of contemporary materialism and commercialism.

Written by: Mustofa Gulam | Published by: Islam Online

Islam has been claimed to be the fastest growing religion in the world and many Muslims feel proud of this. Some may even boast about this claim. However, many Muslims are ignorant of the hardships faced by new Muslims and their many challenges and obstacles.

What makes Islam appealing?

Everybody is searching for success and has a role model either consciously or subconsciously; it may vary from a celebrity to a world leader. Islam is appealing for those that seek success as it teaches that the Prophets are the most successful of all mankind as they not only will enter Paradise forever, but they have helped people, tribes and nations enter paradise forever.

What is P4E?

The P4E (Paradise Forever) is not just another muslim centre! It is an approach ;  it is a visionary way of  providing needed services to our community. We have a modest community centre in its early stages aspire to fulfill and provide support, knowledge, a place for refuge, classes (halaqas), social gatherings and events for Muslims new and old. P4E is at the forefront  of building bridges and cooperating for peace and justice by working with CSIS, the RCMP, Members of the Government of Canada  and local Police.

The Main vision of the P4E is to share the traditional knowledge of Islam, which has been proven to be timeless. If applied with sincere intention and wisdom, will provide solutions and answers to all of contemporary life’s situations and questions.

P4E’s vision is to sincerely disseminate Traditional Islamic knowledge and its application, in order to provide solutions and answers that Muslims encounter on a daily basis. By utilizing Media, Da’wah and Islamic literature to spread the message of Traditional Islam. Our ambition, by the grace and mercy of Allah ( The Most High ), to rid the world of its ignorance towards Islam and to counter the dual  infections of terrorism and radicalization.
So what has P4E been up to?

P4E has a rich history of helping many individuals make their way to Islam. With your continued support, many more will find the beauty in our religion.

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