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About us

Canada has a total population of 35 Million million people. Muslims have been immigrating emigrating to Canada for decades, particularly beginning largely in the 1990’s. Today it is estimated there are about 1 million Muslims living in Canada, and; approximately 50% of them live in Toronto (GTA)Greater Toronto Area. The vast majority of these such Muslims are either first or second generation Canadians. This increase of population comes with problems; Canadian problems that require Canadian solutions. It is estimated that 50% of new Muslims eventually leave Islam due to lack of ongoing social, religious and moral support. First generation Muslim Canadians face very similar challenges. P4E was founded in order to help guide our brothers and sisters through these challenges.

P4E is a not-for-profit social services organization based in Toronto Canada. We provide services for newly accepting and in some cases newly practicing Muslims coming from socially disadvantageous situations and who have at one time or another been heavily involved with substance abuse. They tend to come from dysfunctional homes, they can be mentally unstable, and many of them feel alienated from the community.
These are people who want to change their lives and they have turned to Islam as a result. Our job is to facilitate them in their pursuit, and help the ones who have lost their way get back on track by giving them a community to belong to. Because of our collective, first hand experience, over the past decade, in a wide range of situations, we have developed specialized expertise in working with this particular demographic successfully making them productive members of society.

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The P4E 421 Nugget Ave Unit #8,
Scarborough, Ontario, M1S4L8
Phone: +1 416 457 1767

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