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Board of Directors

Muhammad Robert Heft – President/Executive Director – is from Milton, Ontario and converted to Islam in 1998. Muhammad officially founded P4E in 2004. Muhammad is a well-known community leader in the Greater Toronto Area where he is famous for his work with New Muslims and building bridges between Muslims and Canadians. Today Muhammad lives in Markham Ontario with his wife and two sons where he continues to do work with the community from the grassroots level to liaising and/or consultation for a variety of projects.


Abdus Shakur Brooks – Vice-President – is from Toronto, Ontario and converted to Islam in 1998. In 2001 he began his pursuit of Islamic knowledge. He spent seven years of full-time study from 2004-2011 in Egypt where he attained mastery of a variety of Islamic sciences under the tutelage of learned scholars from all over the world. Abdul Shakur has been actively involved in the global Muslim community since 2009 where he teaches and answers Islamic legal questions. Abdul Shakur joined P4E in 2008.  Today Abdus Shakur lives in South Africa with his wife where he continues his studies.


Abdullah Braun – Treasurer – is from Brodhead, Wisconsin and converted to Islam in 1995. Abdullah has a B.A in Psychology and a Masters in Exercise and Health Studies. Abdullah began studying traditional Islamic sciences in 2003 in the UAE, Yemen and Egypt. He joined P4E in 2006 and is President of the P4E American branch. Abdullah lives in Egypt with his wife where he continues to pursue Islamic knowledge.


Abu Bakr Tiano – Director – is from Toronto, Ontario and converted to Islam 2003. In 2005 he became involved with P4E and in 2006 became a member of its Board of Directors. In 2007 Abu Bakr travelled to Egypt to study Arabic. He began his studies in 2009 and is now a fourth year student in an honors specialist degree program in Public Administration specializing in law, justice, and public policy. Abu Bakr currently lives in Toronto with his wife and three children.

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The P4E 421 Nugget Ave Unit #8,
Scarborough, Ontario, M1S4L8
Phone: +1 416 457 1767

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