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What is P4E?

The P4E (Paradise Forever) is not just another muslim centre! It is an approach ;  it is a visionary way of  providing needed services to our community. We have a modest community centre in its early stages aspire to fulfill and provide support, knowledge, a place for refuge, classes (halaqas), social gatherings and events for Muslims new and old. P4E is at the forefront  of building bridges and cooperating for peace and justice by working with CSIS, the RCMP, Members of the Government of Canada  and local Police.

The Main vision of the P4E is to share the traditional knowledge of Islam, which has been proven to be timeless. If applied with sincere intention and wisdom, will provide solutions and answers to all of contemporary life’s situations and questions.

P4E’s vision is to sincerely disseminate Traditional Islamic knowledge and its application, in order to provide solutions and answers that Muslims encounter on a daily basis. By utilizing Media, Da’wah and Islamic literature to spread the message of Traditional Islam. Our ambition, by the grace and mercy of Allah ( The Most High ), to rid the world of its ignorance towards Islam and to counter the dual  infections of terrorism and radicalization.
So what has P4E been up to?

P4E welcomes in and assists new Muslims, and Muslims in need during periods of their lives where they may be facing various difficulties, drug and alcohol addictions,  poverty and homelessness,  alienation or estrangement from family after accepting Islam…to name a few. Essentially, P4E is providing services at different levels to both Muslims and Non-muslims on an ongoing basis.
P4E Services are as follows:

Extended stay in P4E Shelter
Youth Guidance
Overseas Study
Distribution of Islamic literature
Crime Prevention, Safety and Awareness
Martial Arts Instruction
Assistance with Basic living needs
Employment and Re-integration into the workforce
Food Bank
Crisis intervention
Psychological Counseling
Access to Medical Clinic
Musallah ( 5 daily prayers )
Spiritual Counseling
General and Specific Religious Knowledge
Qur’an study and Fiqh Classes
Computer Lab
“6 minutes for Allah”
Theological Detox
Anti – Terror / De-Radicalization Program
Drug and Alcohol rehabilitation
The Great Challenge of P4E

To sustain these basic and other services requires continual problem solving, creative thinking, cooperative learning (mentoring), leadership,  traditional understanding of  Islam through the four schools and much more. Whether, via an educational platform, cooperating for Justice or spreading the message of Islam, the value and necessity of an entity such as the P4E Support Group Inc. on a Governmental, Non-Governmental, National and International level cannot be emphasized enough. In our present society – P4E is needed more than ever.

As always the core focus remains on turning New Muslims into productive members of society and equipping them with sound traditional knowledge of Islam through educational programs but at the same time helping fellow muslims to stay away from dubious or questionable ideologies that encourage gangsterism, terrorism and radicalization – Islam has never been spread by ignorance, but rather by those who possess a sound base of knowledge.
P4E Strategic Action Plan

In order to keep its forward momentum P4E will be preparing a Strategic Action Plan (SAP) for the next 5 years, covering the following aspects:  P4E Values, P4E Mission, 5 year vision, Skills, Business approach and  Daily Actions to help us achieve our goals
Muhammad Robert Heft
P4E President

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