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Our History

The story of P4E is very much the story of its founder, Muhammad Robert Heft. Mr. Heft converted to Islam in 1998. Shortly after his conversion, Allah ta’ala chose him to be a catalyst, either directly or indirectly, for many people’s conversion to Islam, people who eventually became closely related to him.

While people were coming into the religion, not everyone had it easy, but whatever the case was, Mr. Heft was always there to help, and they have continued to turn to him ever since.

What started off as a small group of relatives spread and grew to become a loose network of converts, each with their own needs and problems. Every week came with a new crisis, from manageable day-to-day problems to large-scale problems requiring police involvement.

Since its inception, the organization went through many ups and downs. Their first residence was opened in 2004 and 3 more followed. The first of 3 P4E Centers opened in 2006. Many attempts were made to reform the structure of the organization, but change requires resources, resources that are not always there. Considering the sensitive nature of services P4E is involved in, it makes it increasingly difficult to function without the most basic resources.

Because of the world financial crisis in 2010, P4E had to reevaluate its financial situation. We managed to pull through and we have learned some valuable lessons as a result.

Contact Us

The P4E 421 Nugget Ave Unit #8,
Scarborough, Ontario, M1S4L8
Phone: +1 416 457 1767

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