Social/Support Services Provided by the P4E

Our services fall into four categories – Inspire, Educate, Support and Propagate – and are intended to create spaces that facilitate the involvement of all our stakeholders e.g. our supporters, as well as those receiving P4E services.


The Inspire component is to inspire people to get involved, or continue to their involvement with P4E and its vision.


Our Education services are in a classroom setting and are specifically aimed at fostering integrity, accountability, tolerance, and a strong Muslim identity.


The purpose of the Support component is to provide meaningful services for new Muslims, and newly practicing Muslims that give them more than just their basic needs, rather we aspire to give them peace of mind, a sense of belonging, as well as a sense of security.


Lastly, the function of our Propagate services is to disseminate literature that raises awareness of P4E’s cause.

The P4E Center provides a variety of services that assist Muslim converts live and learning Islamic Monotheism. While providing persons with a caring, safe and loving community, that assists in helping them grown and heal as an individual through the various social and support services that are trained staff of brothers and sisters provide.


  • Individual Counseling (By appointment only).
  • Marriage Coaching (By appointment only).
  • Youth Counseling
  • Funeral/Burial Services
  • Weekly Sisters Group Counseling for both Brothers and Sisters
  • Family Psychotherapy (Provided by Islamic Psychologist)
  • Individual Psychotherapy(Provided by Islamic Psychologist)
  • Family Psychotherapy (Provided by Islamic Psychologist)
  • Addiction Counseling for both Adults and Youth
  • Big Brother and Big Sister (one on one support)
  • Mental Health Support Services
  • Youth Mentoring
  • Social Services/Assistance locating services that are unique to each person’s situation.
  • Academic Scholarships.
  • Entrepreneur Business Scholarship

The P4E 421 Nugget Ave Unit #8,

Scarborough, Ontario, M1S4L8

+1 416 457 1767

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